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» Summons of Payment
This is a quicker procedure that relates to debts representing obligations of payment of certain amounts, assumed through a written contract or determined through a different statute, regulation or written document, which attests rights and obligations regarding the execution of certain services, work etc.


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» Common Law
This is the basic, usual type of trial foreseen by the Romanian Law for the recuperation of debts. This method is considered slower that the Summons of Payment and it requires sending an official notification to the debtor and establishing a date and time for negotiations as a pre-trial step. There are certain timeframes to be taken into account when starting this type of trial.


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The Romanian Insolvency Procedure

The general insolvency procedure provided by the Romanian law applies to debtors who are insolvent or imminently insolvent. The procedure will begin with a petition filed in court by the debtor or by creditors, and any other persons or institutions mentioned by the law.


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About Debt Collection Romania

Debt Collection Romania is a division of Enescu & Cuc Law Firm, a legal office specialized in Commercial and Corporate Law from Bucharest, Romania. All of our lawyers are specialized in debt collection procedures.

Camelia Enescu has been a registered lawyer since 1999; her main professional expertise being Commercial and International Commerce Law, Corporate and Taxation, oriented towards business consultancy and the creation of legal strategies for international investors in the country. Her activity as an attorney includes drafting of contracts for the best protection of clients, legal reports and opinions as well as litigations. Another area of expertise is Civil Law, out of which we mention due diligence procedures (interpreting documented information to reach pertinent conclusions and action plans), Labor Law and certain aspects of Intellectual Property Law.


His area of expertise includes civil and commercial and real estate litigation and consulting. His activity until now includes holding Constitutional Law seminaries for the students of The Faculty of Public Administration within "Nicolae Titulescu University" in Bucharest. Also Mr. Cuc has published many articles in specialty magazines and is co-author of the study "European Citizenship", next to Professor Doctor Ioan Muraru, Gheorghe Iancu, Simina Tanasescu and State Counselor Stefan Deaconu. Mr. Mihai Cuc has also collaborated with TVR, the Romanian national TV station for a legal-oriented production and is included in the Romanian edition of the "Who is Who" encyclopedia for his activity as a top real estate lawyer.


DebtCollectionRomania.com has partners with numerous other debt collection agencies in Europe. If interested please read our article on how to recuperate debt from French companies.


» Who we are
Enescu & Cuc is a business law firm situated in Bucharest, Romania, specialized in commercial law and commercial litigation. Our Law Firm has represented a large number of foreign clients requiring professional debt collection services in Romania. We have offered assistance for individual cases exceeding 3 mil. USD. 
We handle:
Initial verifications of debtor

Pre-trial Debt Collection Proceedings        Commercial Debts    Personal Loans             Commercial Loans    Amounts related to unpaid goods                           Enforcement of existing Court Decisions        Representation in Insolvency

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