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» Summons of Payment
This is a quicker procedure that relates to debts representing obligations of payment of certain amounts, assumed through a written contract or determined through a different statute, regulation or written document, which attests rights and obligations regarding the execution of certain services, work etc.


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» Common Law
This is the basic, usual type of trial foreseen by the Romanian Law for the recuperation of debts. This method is considered slower that the Summons of Payment and it requires sending an official notification to the debtor and establishing a date and time for negotiations as a pre-trial step. There are certain timeframes to be taken into account when starting this type of trial.


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The Romanian Insolvency Procedure

The general insolvency procedure provided by the Romanian law applies to debtors who are insolvent or imminently insolvent. The procedure will begin with a petition filed in court by the debtor or by creditors, and any other persons or institutions mentioned by the law.


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Debt Collection in France

Even if France is the 5th world economy and offers attractive market conditions for foreign investors, some of them might have problems with debt collection. In order to avoid difficult situations, such as loosing money or liquidate companies because of the reduced cash flow, the businessmen should be very careful when it comes to debt collection.

There are a few steps that must be followed in order to ensure a recovery of a certain debt. The first step is to demand the paying to be done immediately, when you see that the deadline expired and the money are not in your bank account. If you have a contract with your business partner, it’s advisable to stipulate what happens in case the payment is not made until the deadline, such as penalties or other measures against the part who is late with the payment.

If your business partner is not impressed with these stipulations in the contract, you may remind him that the deadline expired and the amount he has to pay. After sending one, two or even many reminders to your debtor and he doesn’t pay the money, then you can contact a lawyer. If you need assistance for your business in France, you can call our local lawyers.

For debt collection in France, there are extrajudicial collections and court-ordered collection of the debts. Extrajudicial collections are solved between the two parts and a lawyer which together come to a conclusion about the payment and the debt is recovered.

If the debtor doesn’t pay, the case is judged by court where it can be solved in a few months. The Commercial Court is the entity where these types of trials are judged. You need a few documents to present in court: copies of the contract, invoices, orders and a statement of the bank account and other acts proving the payment hasn’t been made.
Another way to recover a debt is to contact a debt collection agency that has great skills in negotiating with entities that refuse to pay the debts. If the agency doesn’t succeed in solving the case, you should take legal action against the debtor.



» Who we are
Enescu & Cuc is a business law firm situated in Bucharest, Romania, specialized in commercial law and commercial litigation. Our Law Firm has represented a large number of foreign clients requiring professional debt collection services in Romania. We have offered assistance for individual cases exceeding 3 mil. USD. 
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